Lifting a House and Building Underneath

Do you love where you live, but need more space?

Lift House and Build Under

Whether you’re wanting to introduce more space to your home, or you’re simply after a complete facelift, raising a house and building underneath could be the way to go. This method of construction is typically used on homes such as classic Queenslanders due to their timber-subfloors, which are commonly seen around the beautiful city of Brisbane. When it comes to house lifting, ensure that care is taken in choosing a reputable and quality builder. If done incorrectly, house lifting can cause significant structural damage to your property.

It’s important to look for a company that specialises in lift house and build under services as it’s key to preventing costly mistakes and protecting the foundation of your home. If you love the area you live in, but you’re craving something new, home lifting is a great way to bring new life to your existing house and will give you the feeling of being in a brand-new space.

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It is crucial to have experienced home extension builders and building designers as part of the process to assist you in selecting the type of extension that is right for your home, and to offer suggestions to ensure we are best utilizing the space and maximizing the value of your property.

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Why consider House Lifting?

There are numerous reasons as to why people consider undertaking a lift and rebuild along with multiple benefits that come along with the service. Whether you have a growing family, and your current space just isn’t cutting it, or you love the suburb you’re living in and don’t want to have to move; no matter the case, raising a house and building underneath it is a great way to transform your home into something new, giving you and your family that feeling you felt when you moved into the property the first time. House lifting can offer a significant amount of extra space, but also adds considerable value to your property should you wish to sell in the future.

Things to Consider

Before you can start the planning process of home lifting, there are multiple things you need to consider. Without answering these questions, you’re bound to run into multiple issues which will hinder the entire project. Consult a reliable builder or building company that specialises in lift house and build under projects so that you can receive the proper information about the process. Some things to consider include:

  • How will you connect the new floors?
  • Would you prefer internal or external stairs?
  • Is there enough space on your property for the home to be raised? This must meet council requirements
  • Will your floor plan need to be reconfigured?
  • Would you like to reposition your home e.g., pushed further back from the street?
  • Will your home need restumping in the process?

The House Lifting Process

The process of a lift house and build under project consists of many steps and needs to be done with the utmost care. It starts with crucial planning, then engineering, and approvals, which are the pre-planning steps that Renovare Toowoomba will undertake before commencing any additional works. From there, the magic happens. Builders will work to separate the existing home from its foundation, raise it onto steel support, and then prop the home up to its approved height.
This step will require the home to be supported by temporary bracing while new footings and stumps are being completed (if it is decided that the home needs re-stumping). After this, if you choose to extend and close in under house, this step will be completed with either a concrete foundation or another subfloor that will utilise the same stumps.

Photos Of Our Recent Lift House and Build Under

Where to Start?

Whether you have already visually planned every detail of your home transformation or are overwhelmed by the simple thought of extending – at Renovare we have a simple 3 step process to make your project fun, exciting and easy. This means we have you covered every step of the way!

01. Concept

Let’s find out about your dream home extensions and discover more about transforming your existing home with an innovative design.

02. Approval

Here our Toowoomba builders work with you to transform concepts into a working plan, along with all the required documentation and approvals taken care of.

03. Build

It’s time to get started! Careful planning and preparation translates to smooth house renovations with minimal stress. Renovare Toowoomba builders take the worry out of your renovation project.

The Renovation Experts

Lifting a house and building underneath is the perfect opportunity to utilise hidden space on your property. Adding anything from a garage to extra bedrooms, bathrooms, a new kitchen, living or entertaining areas, the possibilities are endless. At Renovare Toowoomba, our Toowoomba home renovations team can create a new lifestyle for our customers whether it’s in the form of home lifting, a close in under house project, or a complete renovation transformation, our experienced builders can do it all.

If you’re ready to begin the start of your dream home, get in touch with the house lift and build under experts today. Get in touch by calling  0447 238 923 or filling out the contact form below for all premium quality home extensions in Toowoomba and surrounding suburbs.
If you’re ready to start a house extension you owe it yourself to talk with the house extensions experts today!

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