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Get Your Dream Bathroom

Is your bathroom looking tired or falling apart? Renovare works with you to help create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. We follow a simple three step process that guides the journey toward transforming your bathroom into something modern, practical, and stunning.

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing space that you enjoy spending time in. Whether you’re looking to refresh the bathroom with new tiling and fixtures, or completely remodel it to make it your own little sanctuary, we can help turn your bathroom ideas into a reality.

01. Concept

We find out why you want to renovate your bathroom. We want to know what your goals are so we can give you the bathroom you want. From here we work on bathroom design concepts that are beautiful, innovative and functional whilst being in line with your goals.

02. Approval

In stage two we work with you to transform the bathroom design concepts into a working plan. This is also the stage where we address obtaining any required documentation or approvals that may be needed.

03. Build

Now it’s time to renovate! All the careful planning and preparation transitions into a smooth bathroom renovation with minimal stress. The Renovare Toowoomba team are experts at taking the worry out of bathroom renovations.

Who is Renovare Toowoomba?

Renovare is a building company specialising in premium renovations.

Our Toowoomba branch is owned and operated by Benjamin & Jacob Sutton, who are both experienced and passionate local builders. The duo are more than capable of tackling your bathroom renovation as well as many other home renovation projects, including kitchen renovations, home extensions and more.

Toowoomba is a great place to find affordable properties that just need some sprucing up. Whether you plan on selling or settling in, a renovation is a great way to breath new life into a property. Speak to Ben and Jake today about your renovation goals.

Renovation Resources

Taking the plunge and renovating your home can be challenging if you don’t have the right information. We’ve included some tips and advice articles to help you on your journey:

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Looking to breathe new life into your home?

Let the experts at Renovare show you a fresh approach. If you’re ready to renovate your home (and everyday life), we’d love to talk about how simple it can be.

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